Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a solution designed to monitor and control the accounts of privileged employees (system administrators, IT department employees, contractors, auditors and other users with elevated privileges), manage authentication and authorisation of these employees, audit actions performed, control access and record their sessions.

  • centralised account management with advanced features;
  • audit of actions of privileged employees;
  • management of security settings;
  • control of employee access to administrative resources;
  • management of the authentication and authorisation process;
  • recording sessions that were launched from an account from the list of privileged users (SSH, RDP, HTTPS).
  • preventing the execution of commands from the blacklist;
  • implementation of the two-hand rule (the system administrator’s access to the server is explicitly confirmed by the security administrator).


  • full visibility and control of privileged users’ actions;
  • reducing the window of a possible attack by working within the Just In Time (JIT) and Zero Stage Privilege (ZSP) models;
  • implementation of the concepts of “least privilege” and “zero trust”.

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