Sandboxing is a tool for running new and untested software applications in their own isolated area, where they can be operated without posing any threat to the operating system as a whole and other installed applications. Virtual machines are mainly used to create sandboxes.
Software developers usually use sandboxes to test new software code. Sandbox cyber security experts are useful for testing potentially malicious software. Without a sandbox, software or applications could potentially access user data and system resources on the network.

  • checking any questionable files;
  • testing software updates before they are installed;
  • verification and testing of cloud services;
  • secure execution of malicious code for its study.


  • protection against any suspicious software code;
  • confidence that the next update of the software applications used in the company will not harm its normal functioning;
  • detection of hidden attacks and exploits that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities;
  • additional protection against certain strains of malware that cannot be detected by antivirus software.

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