Implementation of the zero trust model

Octava Defence specialists will help develop and implement the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach, working based on an adaptive trust model where access is defined by granular policies. It has the minimum permissions required for operation and is granted after a detailed identity check. ZTNA platforms simplify the implementation of the Zero Trust model […]

A roadmap for achieving cyber resilience

Based on the results of the audit and risk assessment, Octava Defence specialists: will form a portfolio of projects aimed at developing a cyber defence system; will determine the service indicators that will be used to assess the security of business systems; will help you gain the support of senior management to implement projects. All […]

Identification of priorities

Octava Defence specialists will help conduct a risk assessment and identify priorities to guide the cyber defence mechanisms. You will receive a risk map once or regularly to improve the cyber resilience of your business. All consulting services Sign up for a consultation: +38 044 538 00 45;

Emergency assistance in critical moments

At critical moments, we are ready to help promptly and help investigate incidents — to analyse the environment, identify and neutralise the causes of the incident, eliminate the consequences, reconfigure cyber security systems for further monitoring and prevent the situation from recurring; to increase the level of competence of the engineering team providing technical support […]

Staff training

Octava Defence specialists : will help transform all business employees into a Blue Team; will develop cyber hygiene skills in accordance with the corporate security policy; will provide recommendations for personal security.   All consulting services   Sign up for a consultation: +38 044 538 00 45;

An independent view of the situation

During the audit, we will determine the overall level of security of your company and the compliance of your cyber defence system with existing risks and threats. As a result, you will get an independent and objective view of the situation. All consulting services Sign up for a consultation: +38 044 538 00 45; […]

Creating a next-generation cloud-based enterprise network

Octava Defence specialists will help you develop and implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a cloud-based security model. It combines the functionality of Software Defined Networking and network security functions with the entire set of services provided by the same provider. SASE security technology running in the cloud is more effective than the classic network […]

Cloud Secure Access

Cloud Access Secure Broker (CASB) is software or hardware that intermediates between users and cloud service providers. CASB provides full observability of cloud application usage, including user information. It also gives organisations the ability to extend the scope of their security policy from their existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and create new policies for […]

Security systems orchestration

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a class of software products designed to orchestrate security systems, i.e. coordinate and manage them. SOAR solutions allow you to collect data on information security events from various sources, process them using a playbook and launch responses to them using both manual and automated scenarios. SOAR is a […]

Cyber intelligence

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) is a cyber intelligence platform designed to automate the cycle of collecting, analysing and disseminating threat information. It is capable of collecting information about possible threats from various sources (commercial and free, closed and open, public and private) in real-time, classifying it and performing multiple operations with it, including uploading it […]