Cloud Secure Access

Cloud Access Secure Broker (CASB) is software or hardware that intermediates between users and cloud service providers. CASB provides full observability of cloud application usage, including user information. It also gives organisations the ability to extend the scope of their security policy from their existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and create new policies for […]

Behaviour Analysis

User Behavior Analysis (UBA) is a system of analysing user and system behaviour aimed at finding and detecting anomalies using monitoring tools. UBA technologies analyse historical data logs (including network logs and authentication logs) aggregated by SIEM systems to identify traffic patterns caused by both normal and malicious user behaviour. Usually, UBA systems do not […]

Account management and control of privileged users

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a solution designed to monitor and control the accounts of privileged employees (system administrators, IT department employees, contractors, auditors and other users with elevated privileges), manage authentication and authorisation of these employees, audit actions performed, control access and record their sessions. Opportunities: centralised account management with advanced features; audit of […]

Defence strategy using deception methods

Cyber Deception Systems Opportunities: creation of fake targets (honeypots) to mask real network assets; laying down so-called “breadcrumbs” on PCs and servers (accounts, hashes, passwords, RDP session links, etc); active deception of attackers and changing the attack vector away from real assets. Result: early warning of an attack; rightdata for decision-making; preventing or stopping an […]

Control of device interaction in the network

Network Detection and Response Opportunities: constant monitoring of communications in the network; detection of suspicious traffic; event analysis using a combination of behavioural analysis, machine learning and statistical analysis. Result: improvement of the efficiency of the cyber security system; automatic rapid response; advanced behavioural analysis to respond to the most complex threats. Our partners: Fidelis | Elastic | Plixer […]

Advanced status monitoring and endpoint telemetry

End-Point Detection and Response Opportunities: signature-based antivirus protection; device management; application control; blocking attempts at unauthorised actions; continuous monitoring and retrospective analysis; in-depth investigation of incidents and events; integration with other cyber security subsystems. Result: effective endpoint status analysis based on behavioural methods and context-enriched data; rapid, targeted action and reduction of the likelihood of […]

Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and processes used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, used for malicious purposes or accessed by unauthorised people. The loss or leakage of sensitive data can lead to serious problems for businesses, including financial and reputational losses.DLP software monitors and controls endpoint activity, filters […]

Simulation of the hacking and attack process

Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) is a progressive method of computer security testing. The procedure of simulation detects vulnerabilities in the security environment by simulating likely attack paths and methods used by attackers, as well as testing controls for threat detection effectiveness. Deliberate penetration into a system is the best way to learn about your organisation’s […]

Network mapping and analysis automation platforms

Security Compliance Audit is an audit of compliance with security requirements. Such an audit is an independent assessment of an organisation’s cyber security tools, practices and policies. An audit confirms that a particular organisation meets the requirements of a particular regulation or law. The information security compliance requirements are designed to help companies improve their […]