Cloud Access Secure Broker (CASB) is software or hardware that intermediates between users and cloud service providers. CASB provides full observability of cloud application usage, including user information. It also gives organisations the ability to extend the scope of their security policy from their existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and create new policies for the specific cloud context. The CASB is the centre for applying security policies to everything a business uses in the cloud, regardless of what type of device is trying to access it: unmanaged smartphones, IoT devices or personal laptops. Opportunities:

  • automatic detection and storage of data about all cloud services;
  • determining the risk level of services;
  • monitoring and control of user actions in relation to any cloud services;
  • Shadow IT control;
  • applying security policies in accordance with the level of risk.


  • provision of visibility of the cloud services used;
  • protection of data in the cloud from distortion, deletion or leakage;
  • protection against cloud-based malware and its spread;
  • control of information transferred to or from the cloud.

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