Octava Defence specialists will help you develop and implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a cloud-based security model. It combines the functionality of Software Defined Networking and network security functions with the entire set of services provided by the same provider. SASE security technology running in the cloud is more effective than the classic network infrastructure model, in which endpoints are connected through data centres. For example, the classical model has a hard time ensuring the security of SaaS services (Software-as-a-Service) and cannot guarantee the protection of users working remotely.In the SASE model, network security management mechanisms are placed at the network edge, which allows you to build a secure network architecture in the network edge zone, i.e., the area where the network and the cloud connect.


  • blocking the actions of unauthorised users and implementing corporate security policy;
  • detecting shadow activity, protecting confidential data with DLP and access control systems;
  • use of network firewalls as a service received from the cloud.


  • prevention of cyberattacks and data leaks by filtering unwanted content contained in web traffic;
  • protection of internal resources from public access; protection of the system from potential data leaks;
  • protection of cloud platforms, infrastructure and applications from cyberattacks.

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