An Email Gateway is a software or hardware/software system that helps prevent attacks such as spam, malware, and phishing emails so that the information being transmitted is safe and secure.Opportunities:

  • spam blocking;
  • on-the-fly antivirus scanning with the built-in signature antivirus;
  • integration with third-party sandboxes to analyse all suspicious applications;
  • phishing emails blocking;
  • data leak prevention;
  • DLP feature set at the network level (monitoring and blocking the sending of critical data outside the organisation);
  • integration with third-party DLP using the ICAP protocol;
  • integration with identity management systems.


  • protection of the message content during transmission;
  • checking the content of emails for links to malicious websites;
  • authentication and authorisation for secure access to accounts;
  • integrity and functionality of email applications;
  • protection of emails from spam.

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