Octava Defence specialists will help develop and implement the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach, working based on an adaptive trust model where access is defined by granular policies. It has the minimum permissions required for operation and is granted after a detailed identity check. ZTNA platforms simplify the implementation of the Zero Trust model and provide remote users with uninterrupted, secure connectivity to private applications. Opportunities:

  • authorised users have access to certain applications only, not full access to the network;
  • ZTNA provides remote users with an uninterrupted, secure connection to private applications;
  • isolation of the process of granting application access to the network, which reduces the risk of infection, for example, by hacked devices.


  • secure multi-cloud access;
  • reduction of the risk of attacks from third parties;
  • prevention of the threat of covert movement of malware and other dangers.

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