Security Compliance Audit is an audit of compliance with security requirements. Such an audit is an independent assessment of an organisation’s cyber security tools, practices and policies. An audit confirms that a particular organisation meets the requirements of a particular regulation or law. The information security compliance requirements are designed to help companies improve their cyber security and integrate the highest level of protection into their business processes.However, it is not easy to pass an information security audit. Complex requirements, constant changes in standards and laws and the large number of security procedures required are key challenges to maintaining compliance.Network mapping and analysis automation platforms are changing this situation. Control and audit teams can reduce network modelling time from weeks to less than a day.


  • analysis of network infrastructure and network risks;
  • visualisation of the current state of the built networks;
  • continuous monitoring of firewall performance with minimal operating costs.


  • drastic reduction in network modelling time;
  • identification of risk priorities;
  • reducing costs and increasing the digital resilience of networks.

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