DNS Protection is an additional level of user protection when surfing the Internet. The technology is based on the fact that dangerous websites are blacklisted, thus filtering out unwanted content. DNS monitoring should be implemented to protect your organisation reliably from DNS vulnerabilities. This allows you to protect against cache poisoning (i.e. inserting fake information into the DNS server cache), as well as other cyber attacks on the server.Opportunities:

  • filtering of unwanted content, for example, blocking adult websites;
  • blocking malware and phishing websites that may contain potentially dangerous or harmful content;
  • protection against botnets;
  • blocking advertisements, as advertisements may collect information about users or contain malicious code;
  • correcting errors when entering a domain name. This is important because intruders often buy domains with typos to distribute malware or collect user data.


  • protection of data from risks and malicious attacks inside and outside the office;
  • additional protection for commercial and home networks;
  • improvement of BYOD policies;
  • faster and more stable online search;
  • identification of problems before they become serious threats.

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