Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a centralised tool for collecting and analysing event logs. Cyber analysts use the information received and aggregated to create correlation rules (controls), conduct investigations and develop response processes.SIEM allows you to see a complete picture of network activity and security events and track sophisticated attacks through detailed analysis and correlation of information from various cyber security systems.SIEMs are also used for data visualisation and reporting by security personnel to demonstrate the results of the work.


  • reception of data, creation of event logs;
  • data parsing;
  • filtering;
  • data enrichment;
  • data indexing;
  • fast search;
  • saving of event logs;
  • correlation/controls, creation of rules and notifications


  • correct implementation of controls and use cases;
  • detection of deviations in the system operation;
  • processing of false-positive notifications;
  • improvement of the quality of investigations and responses;
  • elimination of the causes of incidents.

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