Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a class of software products designed to orchestrate security systems, i.e. coordinate and manage them. SOAR solutions allow you to collect data on information security events from various sources, process them using a playbook and launch responses to them using both manual and automated scenarios. SOAR is a key component of the Security Operations Centre. Opportunities:

  • collecting data on possible incidents based on the Incident Response Platform or Incident Management Platform systems, which is a single window for incident processing;
  • orchestration is the joint work of different applications and services through integration (for example, using APIs);
  • automation of incident analysis according to a playbook for incident enrichment, file checks, etc;
  • response system means launching the response mechanisms necessary to eliminate threats under the playbook.


  • standardisation of notification and incident processing processes;
  • standardisation of investigation and response processes;
  • reduced reaction time;
  • increase in the number of incidents processed;
  • fast adaptation of new employees — SOC analysts;
  • relieving cyber analysts from performing routine operations and generating reports.

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