Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) is a progressive method of computer security testing. The procedure of simulation detects vulnerabilities in the security environment by simulating likely attack paths and methods used by attackers, as well as testing controls for threat detection effectiveness. Deliberate penetration into a system is the best way to learn about your organisation’s cyber security vulnerabilities. The simulation of cyber hacking and attacks is carried out through the so-called red and blue team training. According to the scenarios, the red team plays the role of attackers, and the blue team defends against these attacks.However, such training requires a lot of manual work and consumes a lot of resources, which means that most organisations can only run such tests sporadically. The breach and attack simulation platform solves this problem by performing many of the same important functions as the red and blue teams but in a continuous and automated manner.Opportunities:

  • assessment and verification of the most advanced attack methods used by APT threats and other malicious activities;
  • creation of a priority list of elimination steps if any vulnerabilities are identified;
  • automated attack simulation and continuous monitoring.


  • protection of key organisational assets;
  • support for security systems in all aspects;
  • rapid elimination of vulnerabilities, proactive protection.

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