Why are technical protections not enough to ensure cyber security?

There are 5 reasons, why you CANNOT rely on technology alone to ensure cyber security.1. The cybercrime economy is evolving, which means that even the latest defensive security solutions will always lag behind the cybercriminals’ advanced methods in practice. The best experts are working against you. They are focused on finding ways to bypass security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, detection systems, etc.

2. The cyber security landscape remains static, so even initially efficient controls can become unreliable over time as the threats they address continue to change.

3. The tech stack is often forgotten to be updated and maintained. The human factor of “set it and forget it” is not always compensated for by organisational measures, which leaves an “open door” for attackers to enter your organisation.

4. Technology is often used inefficiently. In most organisations, investments in security do not pay off for two reasons: the team is too small and lacks the skills, or the need to balance costs and security level leads to a compromise in the range of solutions, which does not provide the required level of protection.

5. A process-based and documented approach to security is proving effective in practice. If your company does not have a minimum set of policies, you will not be able to be cyber resilient.

Octava Defence, offers expert outsourcing and SOCaaS services, in particular:

  • relies on the trinity of technology, processes and people
  • when introducing new security features, the company uses a lease model, which reduces capital investment and increases the speed of technology implementation
  • through organisational measures to improve the operational maturity of the enterprise. As a result, the efficiency of technology use is significantly increased.

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