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Advantages of SOC / SOCaaS outsourcing: we strengthen security service without capital expenses

Creating your own SOC is an investment and organizational challenge that requires enormous resources and time to develop internal competencies. For most companies, this is an unreasonably expensive and time-consuming task.

It can take years to achieve the right level of cyber resiliency, while criminals are knocking on your doors right now.

Cooperation with a specialized SOC supplier will give you the level of readiness you need in just 2 months at a cost of 10-20% of the total investment in creating your own center.

SOC in a managed service format – SOCaaS – from Octava Defence:

  • turns uncertain capital expenditures into manageable operating expenses;
  • provides a quick start;
  • provides access to technology, experienced professionals, current cybersecurity practices and standards;
  • takes into account the individual business needs.

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