There are 5 reasons why you should NOT rely on technology alone for cybersecurity.

  1. The cybercriminal economy is evolving, which means that even the latest technological defense solutions (defensive security) will always lag behind the best practices of cybercriminals in practice. The best experts work against you. They look for targeted ways to bypass defenses such as firewalls, anti-virus software, detection systems, etc.
  2. The cybersecurity landscape remains static, so even initially effective controls can become unreliable over time as the threats they address continue to change.
  3. The technology solution stack is often forgotten to be updated and maintained. The human factor of “install it and forget” is not always compensated by organizational measures, which leaves the door “open” to your organization for attackers.
  4. Technology is often used inefficiently. In most organizations, investments in security do not pay off for two reasons: the team is small and lacks the skills, or the need to balance cost and level of security leads to a compromise in the range of solutions, which results in not providing the necessary level of protection.
  5. The process and documented approach to security shows its effectiveness in practice. If your company doesn’t have a minimum set of policies – you can’t be cyber-resilient.

Octava Defence, offering expert outsourcing services and SOCaaS in particular:

  • relies on the trinity: technology, processes, people
  • uses a rental model when introducing new defenses, which reduces the amount of capital investment and increases the speed of technology deployment
  • increases the operational maturity of the company through organizational measures. As a result, there is a significant increase in the use of technology.

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