Defensible Networks

The term Defensible Network Architecture (DNA), was first introduced by cybersecurity expert Richard Bejtlich in 2004 in his book The Tao of Network Security Monitoring. Richard Bejtlich is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and has held the positions of Chief Security Officer at FireEye, Chief Security Officer at Mandiant, and worked at […]

11 SOC strategies from MITRE. Roadmap for thoughtful work of Ukrainian CISOs

The latest research shows that more than half of all existing cyber security incident response centres are considered ineffective in the opinion of their owners. Organisations lack the expertise to properly build a SOC or analyse current assets and make adjustments in line with goals. MITRE has developed a practical guide of 11 strategies, which […]

How to measure the reliability of a cyber security system

Oleksii Sevonkin, BDM at Octava Defence, will help you understand the skills that a system must have to be considered cyber-resilient and get clear criteria for determining the reliability of your business’s cyber security system. It is no secret that the new reality has led to a radical increase in the risk of cyberattacks. Quarantine […]

8 signs of a reliable cyber security partner that CISOs rely on

Cyber security managers around the world are changing the way they operate, looking towards a more mature cyber security landscape. Their relentless adversaries support this movement with obsessive attempts to cross the edge and exploit the data. Companies are adapting their tactics, technological equipment and procedures with the help of managed service providers, who, amid […]

Cyber resilience of a large business

Oleksandr Atamanenko, CISO of Octava Group, about cyber security strategy for holding structures and the role of SOC in its implementation.Being in charge of cyber security for a group with the lion’s share of assets in the IT business is like getting a “jacked-up” character at the start of a computer game: the basic issues […]

Why are technical protections not enough to ensure cyber security?

There are 5 reasons, why you CANNOT rely on technology alone to ensure cyber security.1. The cybercrime economy is evolving, which means that even the latest defensive security solutions will always lag behind the cybercriminals’ advanced methods in practice. The best experts are working against you. They are focused on finding ways to bypass security […]

How SOC helps implement Cyber security Mesh

The rapid evolution and increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, along with the widespread migration of assets to hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, create a host of challenges. IT leaders must integrate security tools into a single ecosystem using a composable and scalable approach to a unified cyber security architecture. That’s why Gartner suggests using Cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA), […]